Quantavis S.r.l. (QVS) is an SME founded in 2007 as a technology transfer outcome of the EC FP5 NANOTCAD project coordinated by the University of Pisa. The company is focused on software-as-a-service Technology CAD for the Semiconductor Industry and in solutions and components for electronic Infrastructures, RFID and smart systems. Quantavis participated in EC project in FP6 and FP7, and in contract research projects with large European semiconductor companies. Quantavis' offer in the Technology CAD market consists in extending the range of applications of the open source atomistic device simulation NANOTCAD-VIDES developed by the University of Pisa, in offering development of customized software modules, and consulting and design services.



Gianluca Fiori is in charge of coordinating Quantavis' simulation and design activities in the Go-Nexts projects. He is assistant professor of Electronics at the University of Pisa and the lead developer of the NanoTCAD-VIDES software package. His research activity has been mainly focused on the development of physical models able to describe the electrical behaviour of nanoscale devices, with particular attention on ultra-short CMOS transistors, and innovative devices based on new architectures and materials: part of these models have been included in the commercial device simulator ATLAS, within a collaboration, in Autumn 2002, with Silvaco International. He has participated in the FP5 NANOTCAD project, devoted to the simulation and the design of a wide spectrum of devices, based on transport through semiconductors and single molecules.
Recently, Dr. Fiori has focused his attention on carbon electronics, and in particular on transistors based on Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene Nanoribbon and Graphene Bilayer. The physical models are currently implemented in the simulator NanoTCAD ViDES, which has been released under the BSD open-source license (available at vides.nanotcad.com). Gianluca Fiori has also been one of the investigators of the European project GRAND, mainly concerned in assessing graphene transistor performance for digital applications.

Giuseppe Iannaccone is in charge of Quantavis' modelling and design activities in the Go-Nexts project. He is professor of Electronics at the Università di Pisa. His interests include transport and noise in nanoelectronic and mesoscopic devices, development of device modelling and TCAD tools, the investigation of alternatives to CMOS technology. and nanopower circuit design for RFID and smart systems applications. G. Iannaccone has coordinated European and National Projects involving multiple partners (NANOTCAD (FP5), DEWINT (ESF Collaborative Project)), and has acted as principal investigator in several research projects funded by public agencies at the European and National level, and by private organizations. G.I. has authored and co-authored more than 150 papers published in peer-reviewed journals and more than 110 papers in proceedings of international conferences, gathering more than 1600 citations (Web of Science). He founded Quantavis in 2007 as a technology-transfer result of the FP5 NANOTCAD project.



Dr.-Ing. Gianluca Fiori

via dei Pensieri 60
57128 Livorno, Italy

Phone: +3905861940304
Fax: -

URL: www.quantavis.com

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