Material Preparation

Graphene growth CVD furnaces, PECVE systems and rapid thermal annealing systems are available [AMO, Tyndall-UCC].

For catalyst deposition sputtering systems, thermal and ebeam evaporators and atomic layer deposition systems are available [AMO, Tyndall-UCC].


Material characterization

RAMAN spectrometer, electrical probe-station, atomic force microscopy, electron microscopy [AMO, Tyndall-UCC]


Solar cell realization

Many instruments for the processing of organic solar cells for processing in air (blade coaters and spin coaters, Baccini’ screen printing machines with automatic alignment, Scanning CO2 Laser, for the ablation and for the etching of the conductive layers on glass and flexible substrates, laser system with the ability to vary the wavelength for the processing of deposited films (eg. the annealing), furnaces for sintering or annealing of the layers, Presses with hot-plates for the application of thermoplastic gaskets, automatic airbrush system for the deposition of organic layers) an in inert environment (Glove box with a spin coater, microbalance, annealing systems, evaporator for the deposition of organic and metallic films and for the encapsulation of devices) [UTV].


Characterization of solar cells

Solar simulators in A, B and C, IPCE System, Chamber of accelerated aging controlled in illumination and temperature,UV-VIS spectrophotometer with integrating sphere,a probe station with electrical, characterization in the fA range,Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy system to analyze the physical characteristics of the device (Autolab and Gamry), An apparatus for time resolved fluorescence with laser Spectra Physics (Tsunami pumped by Millennia PRO)- main tunable wavelength between 800 and 1000 nm and approximately doubled with SHG crystal, An apparatus of spatially resolved photoconductance; a micro-Raman microscope, AFM with a Kelvin probe and conductive module for surface imaging, the LabRAM ARAMIS confocal Raman microscope is a software selectable multi-wavelength Raman system (488 and 514 nm laser lines from a 100 mW Argon laser) with mapping capabilities.



Nanoimprinting tools (commercial machine with thermal and UV capabilities up to 3 inch substrate-size down to few-ten nm, homemade machine for novel type of sub-10 nm resolution; processing protocols for transferring thin-metal nanostructured layers on large-area) [TUM].



Non-equilibrium Green’s formalism, Electron-Phonon interaction through Born approximation, 3D-Poisson solver, Tight-binding (TB) approach, Semiclassical transport model, k.p; effective mass [QVS, UTV].

2nd-order approximation of the Hamiltonian, Fully quantum transport model, Physics-based compact model, 150 cores local linux cluster [QVS].

Multiscale semiclassical simulations, DTF, TDDFT, EFA quantum simulations [UTV].

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